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Other Photo's of Interest

Misc Pic's that I've come across

The Secret is out - this is what really happened to Foghorn Leghorn? (Marvin you're restricted to this universe until the investigation is over)

Flowers that are surviving! Tried to grow stuff for three years in the window boxes to no sucess. So far they are living and we even got Hummingbirds that visit them!!

Yep, a kitten sleeping between a Rabbits ears!

Saw this bunny at Silverleaf and then I noticed the Kitten, what a wonderful warm and soft bed! I imagine some joke could be made about a pussycat between the Rabbits ears....

The Newly Wed Rob!!

Rob the Chemist, relaxing after a long day. Well it was his wedding after all so I guess he deserves a break. Who would have known that a Spartan teaches at a school whose colors are Blue and Gold, and after we blew up all 150 balloons so quickly too!

Looks like I am caught Pink Handed! Me busy at my favorite summer pastime - trying not to burn flesh for friends! Thanks to Dave from the SOMI office for the Shirt - he picked the color for the State Basketball Tournament Volunteers this year!

Resting in my rose bush

Despite my many attempts (unintentional) to destroy my Rose Garden - they have yet again recovered and gone into full bloom. Here a Royal Visitor takes a break to feast on nectar and rest its wings!!! Yes, a guy can be proud of a flower garden without being Gay.

Jesse, Jon, Suzie, Kristi, Arland, and Stewart

The rowdy table at Rob and Marys wedding reception - leave it to us to make things interesting - like the balloons in the bathroom weren't enough?

The Newly wed Mary with her Man!

Lady Mary and Master Rob - oh the look of ... absolute exhaustion. Who said weddings were easy - they must have been single. Either that or they where the Wedding Singer and was getting paid for their work.

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