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Disclaimer and Legal Stuff

Almost everything you will find on this website, in regards to comentary, is the exclusive property of the web master. There are images, photos, links and other assorted bits and pieces that the web master had to borrow from public domain sources or with permission. Pictures from Special Olympics, of myself, and my cats are my exclusive property and permission must be obtained from me for their use elsewhere. All information is correct as it can I can get it, if there are corrections that you find please advise so I can either correct or delete it as soon as possible.

There is no intent to slander or libel any person, organization, or association - this web site is purely for my fun and the enjoyment of those who choose to visit. If you are offended, simply execute your Constitutional Rights and surf the heck out and don't come back - at the same time don't violate my rights to the Freedom of Speech and the Freedom of Expression in doing so or after you leave.

Kind of handy having a Lawyer in the family to give me these bits and pieces ... hope I never need her professional assistance.

I am not a Lawyer or Doctor myself so other than friendly advise received from associates of mine, the following credits are due:

Legal Counsel provided by Smith & Wesson

Medical Consultants:
Dr. Rigor Mortis, MD
Dr. Ewe Ben Haddd, MD FACV
Mz. Slurpa Lotta, RN
Miss. Cheri B. Busted, LPN (till she gets it right)
T. Chicken, Paramedic/EMT-IC

Rest and Relaxation Advisors:
Dr. Heinrich Finetusch
Herr Mal Ted Hops

If you want to borrow something from this site, all I ask is that you touch base with me first so I know where it is going. Thanks!!

Hope you enjoy this as much as I have putting it together for you to see!

The Web Master