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Renaissance Festival Pictures

Pictures of Mediccopcom and friends sharing in the Festivities that suround a Ren Fest.

Corsairs with the Michigan Rouge himself!
Silverleaf '02 Opening Weekend

"Somewhere over the rainbow........"
is this not the most repulsivly happy stage for the Corsairs?

The Boys at TRF '02

All Three of us with our favorite singing wenches
yes Wenches - they have the membership cards....

Texas Renaissance Festival

In the year after our lorde of 2000, whilst is the service to the crown, our noble Sir Lawrence of the Northern Lakes did the journey take to the southern lands of the Lone Star. While there, Sir Lawrence did he seek and find merriment and joyfull times on the festival grounds as ye the voyager of the times will see below.....

Texas Ren Fest Main Gate

The Corsairs entertain at the North Seas Tavern

Sir Lawrence with fair maidens Iris and Rose!

Scarbourough Faire Photos

Silver Leaf Festival 2000


These Photos are graciously donated from a Southern Connection, those who have known Mediccopcom for a "long" time may recognize one of the persons featured. This Web Master is anxious to have a chance to make a journey to these far and distant lands in the near future. Naturally I will share the story if I live to tell the tale......

Bubbles Attack Fed and his fair Maiden

Ok, who spiked Feds Mead? (Nice Plumage - trying to burn it?)

Men in "tight" Tights Contest

Belongs on "Americas Most Wanted" don't ya think?

Hello Nurse! got to love the maidens - where's YOUR Maidens boys?

Held in Galesburg Michigan. Film is being processed as I type, we went and claimed victory once again. Wow what a fun festival, about a eighth the size of MRF - no big commercial advertisements, and much more fun!! Me bought big BLADE!!! Hehehehe - watch'em run now!!

Yep that's me just Hanging Out at the Faire

Brad, Larry, Bill, Kristi, and Suzi at Silverleaf

Christine, Harriet, Shawno, and John!

Spiral Dance - cool music!

Lady Jessie and Lady Harriet

Sir John - Undercover Queens Guard

Michigan Renaissance Festival 2000

Held in Hollygrove, Michigan (near Holly) this has been a annual trek for years. Granted it has grown too much and gotten to comercial attracting sloths and Urbanites with Cellular Phones and Nextels whom have seen the Zena Series on TV or rented "Men in Tights" a few too many times by the masses, but still can be much fun for a Medieval fanatic who doesn't mind dealing with the lower classes (frequent stops at the Guiness Tavern or the Dragons Breath - Arcadia Brewing - doesn't hurt either!) Maintaining a state of moderate altered Mental Status assists in dealing with the cheap costumes, war cries (how does Zena fit in to the renaissance?), and electronic noises. This fest isn't until later in the summer so watch for photos then!!!

RENAISANCE: 1.A rebirth; revival 2.the Humanistic revcivcal of classical art, literature, and learning that originated in Italy in the 14th Century and later spread through Europe 3.The period of revival that lasted from the 14th Centruy to the 16th Century***

Not to be confused with RENAL ESSENCE or RENDEZVOUS, which both are common ocucrances at these Festivals of Revival!!

*** taken from an Dictionary of Unknown Origin found in the cobwebs of the Police Department where the web master is employed.