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Last Update: 08 November 2004

Welcome to my personal web site!

As you can guess working with the Mentally Disabled in one way or another is one of my forte's in life. I have been on the Medical Staff for Special Olympics Michigan  for 16 years and live for the games to renew my inner self. Granted I deal with Mentally Handicapped Individuals on a daily basis having a career in Public Safety. But a few times a year I get to work with a really special group of Athletes with Mental Retardation at Special Olympics Competitions around the State of Michigan. Check out my Photo Page for shots from the recent State Summer Games at Central Michigan University in Mount Pleasant, Michigan!!!!


"Guns don't kill people, People Kill People"*
"Yes, but the Gun helps doesn't it?" **

Summer 2000 House - new paint

The Sign!

Medical Staff at the 2000 State Summer Games of Special Olympics-Michigan left our mark in Lot 62 at Central Michigan University


Eddy Izzard - Cake or Death

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What's New?

Ok, last I wrote I had just left CMU Police Department and moved to life in EMS with Mobile Medical Response, been promoted to Staff Sergeant in the Air National Guard, and was about to head off to the Saudi Sandbox on deployment.
Since then I've completed Paramedic Training, been deployed for Operation Enduring Freedom to Prince Sultan AFB in Saudi Arabia and Operation Iraqi Freedom to the "American Military Hospital in Germany" (or so the media called it) more formally known as Landstuhl Regional Medical Center - the home of the 86th Medical Squadron of the USAF. Between the two of them I was gone for about 11 months all together. Oh yeah, I am a 4NO71 Areospace Medical Technician in the USAF - take three jobs of "Flight Medic", "Emergency Medical Technician", and Licensed Practical Nurse and add them together and that pretty much equals the role of an Air Force Medic (4NOx1). I was promoted again last month to Technical Sergeant and am the NCOIC of the NREMT Program and Course Coordinator for my units EMT program.
I am still on the road with Mobile Medical Response, Inc as an EMT, my 2 year window for testing with NREMT expired while I was deployed and they will not grant extensions so I am stuck for a while until I can go through the class again... yep, you said it, "it sucks to be me" but I love the job and the people work with so life isn't too bad. I'm working the night shift and have a great partner so life is pretty good.


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* National Rifle Association (NRA)
** Brittish Comedian Eddy Izzard - on the NRA