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Photos, adventures and tails......


With the kids not being allowed in the basement, they are always exploring the stairs hopeing not to be caught - Busted you two!!


Zoonie must be in the "penalty box" again (or watching Bird TV), as the Older Kids enjoy a chance to eat with out the brat being around.


Found Louise "snug as a bug in a rug", well at least in a comforter on the bed - ain't she a cutie!!!

I woke Lou up!

Don't let the frown fool you for a second, Louise is quite happy on this perch.


Snotter has taken to hiding under my desk in the bedroom to avoid the kid. He may scoff at Zoonie, but Seate had the same energy when he was Zoonie's age!

Lou's sleeping chair

And it is in a Sunbeam to boot - CAT HEAVEN on earth (wheres the Meals on Wheels?)

Ollie gets booted by momma!

Ya See! It was destined to happen, mom gave him the boot as a kitten and dad gave him the boot when he ended up being too wild for an indoor cat. Ollie left our home after a year of hoping he and the other cats would adapt to each other.

Minutes after finding him, hungry, try food, he likes it - He's Weened!

Here is Oliver just a few minutes after we found him on the road, before we went searching for his siblings and buried his real mom we had to try to feed him somehow. Susie worked in a vets office and suggested we try some water'd down food - sure enough ollie scarfed it down - Presto bang and Ollie your weaned!!


As much as I am an animal lover - I DO NOT condone the practices of PETA or other radical Animal Rights Activist Organizations. I Got Milk, I Got Beef, I Got Pork, I Got Chicken and Eggs, and yes - I Got Beer to wash them all down with. Stupid people making stupid Advertisements.

(In case you where not aware of it, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals [PETA] recently distributed an ad campaign on College Campus's that stated "GOT BEER?" as a response to the Dairy Counsels ad's "GOT MILK?". Sure promote wanton homocide of brain cells in a community that can't loose more than they already have.....wadda wadda wadda wa.....)