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THE KIDS (Cat Photos)

My allergies aren't that bad to cats, add in Hay Fever and it's a whole new story. Not that it would matter anyways - I'd still have them around. (Thank goodness for Antihistimines) I love 'em too much, they are the kids that I don't have and my best friends when I need them. Nothing like having a gaggle of warm purring furballs keeping your footsies warm on a cold winter night. They greet me at the top of the stairs when I come home and say good bye when I leave for the day. Each has their own personality and can be more complexing than any human I know. I swear to god that sometimes it seems like they "talk" back at me - See thumbnail at end of page for an example!

Seate Oliver

Snot or Snotterpus for short (due to the amount of gunk in his eyes when he was a wittle kitten). He picked us buy climbing up on the tire of the car during the summer of 1996 in the Blockbuster Video Parking Lot. Was a wee kitten then, barely filled a hand but is now a wopping lard butt with nothing but love to share!


Seate is the "Big Boy" of the house not only being the oldest but also the biggest. Weighing in at about 10-14 Lbs he is also the second biggest chicken (next only to Banter). He hasn't quite accepted the new kid but is slowly getting used to Oliver.

Miss Gypsy Rose Louise

Miss Louise for short is the solitary Queen of the Family who gracefully keeps the "boyz" in line. No Sunbeam is safe when she's out around the house.

Miss Louise is a prim and proper prom queen of a cat. Miss Manners would be pleased in that Lou always bats the shades aside when she enters the window sill (in order to not bend the blinds) and eats her food properly (one morsel at a time, completely chewing before taking another bite). She is a bit camera shy but that is only part of her slightly skittish nature.


Mr. Banter Shush


AKA: "Big Orange Chicken" or "The Figment (of your imagination)" Definitly a chicken in cats clothes, he has a regal personna until someone new arrives or a loud noise sounds, then "poof" - he's gone into hiding in a flash. Seldom seen by strangers (unless we pull him out to show), took him about 6 months before he would even acknowledge my existance.

A cat; Actual size=240 pixels wide



Defender of the House. He sits high up on the Kitchen Cabinets in silent Vigil, silently waiting for our time of need to awake and defend his masters! (Little Oliver is doing a better job - Oliver 2/ Mice 0)

Pet Greetings